Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's been quiet

I know. But I've been busy searching out some cool links for you folks. I'm hoping to have some ready by later this week. Interesting reading, blogs that deal with the language and grammar and things from a viewpoint you may not often get to see.

So that's what I've been up to.

What have you folks been up to? Every sentence perfect in construction? Hah, likely not, mine never are. Nor do I care a whole lot when I'm writing. Get the good stuff on the page. Sweat the anal stuff later. That's my motto as a writer.

As an editor, gimme your good stuff. Let me make it shine. :-)



  1. Yay, Danyelle. You up for some linguist blog links that might set you back a bit, or not? Some links where the "rules" are fuzzy and that comma might actually be negotiable?

    I'm heavy into linguists and hardcore grammarians who might surprise you. English and the usage of it can't always be captured in a single style guide or book. We're far too clever as a species and far too inventive. I love this language and I love the way writers use it. I hate to tie it up with rules that really don't add anything, they only constrict.

    I'm a rebel...a quiet and demure one though...let's not forget that. :-)


    Post unedited as all posts on this blog are hereafter required to be.

    Manuscripts are different. They're formal. Blog comments are talking and subject to all kinds of grammatical and punctuation horrors.

  2. I love languages!

    I'm all for that. I've long suspected that black and white rules might be more gray than some let on. :D

    *high five*

    Rebels unite! O:) (Nicely of course.)

  3. I look forward to the links for sure! I think many commas are negotiable, by the way. :D

  4. Off the subject, will there be any discussion about punctuation, more to the point, commas. Is there anyway to explain it in English. Like: When you use quotations in a sentence, you don't need a comma. Now, that's something I can get my mind around.

  5. Sure Elizabeth, there will be discussion about punctuation. :-)

    I was hoping some folks would ask a question or two and we could bounce off that.

    But I can pull up some stuff that I see frequently and post the explanations in English. :-)

    Let me go root around in my punctuation notes and see if I can find something that pops up in manuscripts a lot.

  6. I finished a crappy first draft, stomped on a few heads and finally got my kitchen counters and sink put in and put in all my bedding plants. :-)

  7. Sounds like a busy day, Angela. Crappy first drafts are like your garden. You've got to shovel the s**t in to make it grow. Then you weed out the stuff you don't want. :-)